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PTFE Lined Pipe Spools
MVI Fluoropolymer Lined Pipe Spools with extruded PTFE liners and ETFE or PE rolling liner,are very ideal for the transport lines in heavy chemical, pharmaceutical industry.

MVI can supply various steelwork constructions for pipe spools and usually are supplied with extruded PTFE liners,and the paste extrusion PTFE liners are available.Pipe spools are supplied in lengths up to 6000mm depending on nominal bore size, they are lined with interference fit liners giving high vacuum resistance even at elevated temperatures, all are supplied with vent holes and with the PTFE liner flared over the flange faces.


Extruded PTFE Liner Pipe Spools


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Pipe Material:
Seamless Steel APL5L GR.B
Stainless Steel SS304 or SS316
Liner Material:
PTFE Paste White ASTM-D4895,
PTFE Granular White ASTM-D4895,
PE ASTM D1998-04,

This pipe spool has one welded fixed flange and one welded stub end with rotating flange for site alignment. As well as fixed / rotating pipe spools we also supply welded fixed / fixed and spools with both rotating flanges

Flange Type:
Weld-Neck, Slip-On, Lap-Joint (According to GB, ASME, JIS, BS, DIN)

Available on request:
ASME B16.5 Class 300 flanges, DIN EN1092-1 PN25, PN40 flanges.


The pipe spools are lined with an interference fit extruded PTFE liner flared at each end to raised face dimensions giving all wetted parts in PTFE.  Up to DN150 the pipe spools use heavy duty PTFE liner suitable for vacuum performance. Above DN150 we offer both heavy wall vacuum rated liners and standard wall liners as appropriate for the application.



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                                         Static Dissipating Liner Pipe Fittings                                  ETFE Rotated Liner Pipe Spools


Our piping systems can be supplied with virgin unpigmented liners or static dissipating (Anti-static) liners to prevent static build up within piping on site.We are able to supply our full range of piping and fittings with a stainless steel body, ideal for clean rooms, pipe bridges, underground runs etc.

The PTFE and ETFE fluoropolymers we use have some unique properties, they are chemically inert having near universal corrosion resistance which we specifically use to convey the most corrosive and toxic processes in Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants around the world. PTFE has the best coefficient of friction of any solid – giving excellent non stick properties keeping pressure drops to a minimum and preventing blockages of viscous lines etc. it is also use in high purity applications and an alternative to exotic materials such as Hastelloy.


PE Coating Fittings Available

Our products are widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, oil, electricity, shipping, paper and sewage treatment and other fields. We undertake the design, manufacture and consult of various complex non-standard products.


More details click our catalogue to know!

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